Customer Service Experience – Scosche

11 Mar

I  recently purchased a Scosche IBHPK Bluetooth headphone kit at a local retailer. My plan was to use the headphones with my iPod Touch, which has Bluetooth capability onboard. In addition to the headphones, the IBHPK kit included an iPod compatible Bluetooth transmitter which gives any iPod with a standard sync port Bluetooth capability. The IBHPK kit was on sale because it was an older model.  I read some reviews on it and decided to go ahead and make the purchase.

Unfortunately the particular item I received had some issues pairing with the iPod Touch. It paired fine initially, but it would not reconnect after the Touch was taken out of range. The headset’s rechargeable battery had to be drained completely to reset it so it could be re-paired. This obviously was not going to work.

Initially I was simply going to return the item to my local retailer, but I thought I would send a note to the manufacturer to see if there was some workaround I should be trying that was not detailed in the manual. I went to the Scosche website and sent a message describing the issue with the product.

Scosche confirmed that I had received a defective item, but instead of simply suggesting I return the item to my retailer, they offered to replace it free of charge with the most current model the HZ5 tuneSTREAM Bluetooth Headphones. That model retails for more than double what I paid for the IBHPK Kit. The HZ5 does not come bundled with a bluetooth transmitter, but I was still interested in having the new model.

I decided to send the defective IBHPK in for an exchange rather than going to my local retailer for a refund. A few weeks after I sent the defective unit via parcel post I received a replacement set of HZ5 headphones. In addition I received a TZ4R tuneSTREAM Bluetooth transmitter (again the newer model), which was an item I never expected to receive and again retails for double what I paid for the entire IBHPK Kit.

The new headset looks better, works great, and has none of the pairing issues of the item I originally purchased. I have not tried out the TZ4R transmitter yet.

From this experience, it is obvious to me that Scosche is a company that stands behind their products and their customers.

It’s nice to be able to talk about a positive customer service experience once and a while. Thanks Scoshe.

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