"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." – Warren Buffett


My goal is to provide reviews and information to help my visitors determine the products, services, and vendors that offer the best value. In my opinion, something offering the best value is seldom the thing that is the least expensive.

Since I am located in Canada, many of my posts will have a Canadian slant to them. That said, the information here should also be useful to visitors living outside of Canada. Reviews of products with Canadian prices will still provide value to non-Canadians, and many of my posts will have no Canada-specific leaning to them at all.

All are welcome and I hope that this site will provide a tool to help you get the best “bang for the buck” for many of your purchase decisions.

For more of my thoughts on the concept of value, have a look my first blog post.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck with this endeavour (spelled the Canadian and therefore correct way!)

    I stumbled on your site as I recently purchased a set of gently used BF Goodrich Slalom KSI tires on rims and was searching (admittedly after the fact) to see if I got a good deal or not.

    Do you know anything about the best way to solve a dispute with a car company?


    1. Hi Jane. Sorry for the late response.

      I am not sure if you mean a dispute with a dealer or a manufacturer but I will take a crack at both.

      If your issue is with a dealer, I would start with your local Better Business Bureau. If your issue is with a manufacturer, I don’t think the BBB is likely to be a lot of help. I am wondering if there is a consumer protection agency in your region you may want to speak with. Also, you might want to check out one of Phil Edmonston’s Lemon Aid vehicle guides from your local library to see if the issue you are experiencing is one that he has documented in one of his books. He often has a lot of inside scoop.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the confusion. I did have two separate issues and didn’t make that very clear.

    My main issue was with the dealer and I actually did consult with OMVIC (an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Relations). They gave me some good advice on how to complain.

    My complaint was that they had buried the charges for Globali and Symtec insurances in the original price they quoted me for the car and to which I agreed, signing an offer to purchase and putting down a deposit.

    It was not until I came to sign the final papers that these charges were revealed. I argued about not wanting this coverage and was told well you signed and agreed to pay that amount. I said yes, but I was not made aware at any time that the price quoted included insurance I did not want or need.

    I should have walked out but I wanted the darned car!

    This is becoming a very common practice. A friend who bought from the same dealer had paid it without a whimper. Me? I am a complainer!

    It is something to be aware of when shopping for a car. It may even seem like a good deal to you but the only person it benefits is the dealer as far as I can see. Apparently on the Globali which is for theft of your car. You can only collect if your car is unrecovered or irreparable. Further the amount is a CREDIT to the original dealer if you buy a second car from them. Otherwise I don’t think there is any pay out to the owner. Correct me if I am wrong here.

    Thanks for opportunity to vent!

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